Removing Food Oil Stains, Dealing with Smoke Odors

Food oil stains can leave an unsightly mark on clothing while smoke odors can leave you walking around with a lot of unpleasantness. But you don’t have to put up with either of those nuisances anymore. Here are some ways to remove food oil stains and smoke odors from your clothes and other laundry.

Food Oil Stains

Oil stains that are a result of spilled or splattered food may appear to ruin your favorite. But don’t rush to throw it away. That stain can be eliminated. There are lots of simple methods that can be used with many products you have in your home at this very moment. For example, Dawn dishwashing liquid can take away some grease stains. Baking soda also has the capability of absorbing oil stains. Allow it to sit for about ten minutes before peeling it off and washing. The same process can substitute baby powder for the baking soda, although that should sit for about a day. Once the baby powder or baking soda is removed, use more Dawn if the stain is still visible.

For tougher food oil stains on clothes that have already been washed and dried, lighter fluid can be used. That’s right, lighter fluid. Just dab the stain with the lighter fluid and rewash. And the most difficult food oil stains may be combatted with WD-40, which can make the stain fresh and allow you to take the appropriate measures that were previously stated.

Smoke Odors

Laundromat 1567859 1920When it comes to removing smoke odors from your clothes, the best bet is to machine wash those items. However, you may need some extra power and that can come in various forms. Adding white vinegar in a pre-wash soak should do the trick. Allow the clothes to sit in that mixture for 30-60 minutes before washing. Lemon juice can also be added to the wash to freshen up the smell. Rubbing alcohol or vodka can also be used for the more potent smoke odors in clothing.


If you are not planning to use a washing machine, the first step to eliminating a smoke smell would be to air out the garment. Next, use a spray that is designed to eliminate odors. You can also try baking soda or even steam. This is a better method to use on clothes that are unable to be washed in a machine as it protects the integrity of the garments.