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Two convenient locations on South Blvd. & Cannon Blvd.
Conveniently Located on South Blvd

Spintastic offers commercial account service tailored to your needs with pick up and delivery. We will professionally clean your towels, sheets, uniforms, & etc. We take the stress out of making sure your laundry was done properly and on time. (No more finding wet laundry left in the washer from last week.) We utilize the best commercial laundry equipment available with machines sized up to 80 pounds capacity so no items are too large for us to properly wash. Outsourcing your laundry needs will allow your employees to focus on generating revenue instead of doing laundry.


Offers Pick-up and delivery options


Provides you professional results for your towels, sheets, uniforms, etc.


Relieves your dirty laundry woes (No more finding wet laundry left in the washer from last week.)


Utilizes the best commercial equipment. Our machines can handle up to 80 lbs. So no items are too large for us to wash properly


Empowers your employees focus on generating revenues instead of doing laundry

Spintastic can also be a temporary source for large commercial laundries if breakdowns or remodeling interrupt your normal washing as we have the capacity to process 1600 pounds of laundry per hour. Spintastic provided all laundry services for 2 weeks for the 187 room Double Tree Hotel during their complete laundry room renovation. We let you concentrate on your business, not dirty laundry.

Our church recently had a spontaneous baptism service where we provided the shirts, shorts and towels for those wishing to be baptized. We had 139 people which was amazing, and a tower of shirts, towels and shorts to be laundered. Spintastic was wonderful! They promptly picked them up the week following the service, laundered AND folded all of the items, and returned them back to us quickly. We are thrilled with the service that we received, and it made the process of putting it all away so easy. Thank you Spintastic!!

Kati Leach
Director of Connections
Mecklenburg Community Church