Services and Amenities
Drop off Laundry Wash, dry & fold
Commercial Accounts Pick-up and Delivery – see commercial services tab above
No heavy quarters required Cash is transferred to a Laundry Card. The Laundry Card is used at each bi-lingual machine.
We accept Visa and MasterCard
Our Washers and Dryers
Number of Washers 49
Number of Dryers 48
Largest Washer Size 80 lb
Largest Dryer Size 75 lb
We Also Provide
Knowledgeable Attendants Who are friendly and Bilingual
Big Load Washers Turn laundry day into laundry hour.
Children’s Play Area Keeps the young ones entertained in a safe area
instead of racing laundry carts down the aisles.
Free Wi-Fi Get your work and laundry done at the same time.
Flip Service We can transfer your clothes from the washers to the
dryers for you while you go have lunch, run errands or etc..
Comforter Cleaning Quilts, comforters, rugs and bulky items need big washers
No items too large.
FREE Wash & Dry Bonus Program Enjoy up to a 15% discount on all of your washing & drying.
Bright, Clean & Comfortable Would you want to do your laundry in any other environment?
If you drop something on our floor, you won’t have to rewash it.
Video Games & Pool Table Something fun to do while your clothes wash & dry.
Air Conditioning 99F outside – no problem!
A cool place to do your laundry
Brand Name Supplies No delays if you forget or run out of something.
Family -Sized Washers Will accommodate a family of four or more.
High Efficiency Dryers They won’t keep you waiting around.
Snacks, Drinks, Ice Cream
Bilingual machines